Oban Star-Racers 10+
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To celebrate the 15th anniversary of its Franco-Japanese creation and the end of its participative financing (more than 377'000 Euros collected). Oban will put on its gala clothes at Polymanga on 15-16 April 2022 with HD screenings, a conference by Savin its creator followed by signing sessions.

Not familiar with Oban yet? Here's the pitch in a nutshell:

Every 10.000 years, champions from every civilization in the galaxy face off during a mystical and dangerous competition - the Great Race of Oban. Though shrouded in mystery, it is said the outcome of the race will completely redefine the balance of power within the Milky Way. For the Earth-Team, defeat is not an option as it may well spell the end of the fragile and embattled human race.

Too bad Earth’s ace pilot falls victim to a terrible sabotage in the early stages of the pre-selection! With no other replacement available within a 25 light years radius, our last chance of victory now squarely rests on the shoulders of a rebellious 15-year-old mechanic, Molly, and her gung-ho copilot, Jordan. But the young woman is not prepared to shoulder such a huge responsibility. The only reason she joined the team (under an alias: her real name’s Eva) was to confront her father, stern race manager Don Wei, the man who abandoned her in a boarding school ten years ago and never even bothered to call.

Will “Molly” manage to pilot under her father’s harsh command, let alone survive the mad competition? Will she ever find the strength to tell him who she truly is, and grow past the wounds of her past thanks to her new friends: Jordan and Nourasian prince Aikka? Whatever happens, Molly's fate, as well as the future of the human race, are now inextricably intertwined!

Dédicaces 7 11:05-12:05
Salle Stravinski 14:30-15:30
Dédicaces 3 16:50-17:50

Dédicaces 7 11:00-12:00
Salle Miles Davis 14:45-15:30
Dédicaces 4 15:55-16:55