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ole-playing is an opportunity, for one hour, to participate in an adventure where each of your choices influences the scenario and where anything can happen. So let yourself be tempted by curiosity and come and discover the games proposed by our team. It is certain that you will find your happiness in one of the proposed universes.

Orc'Idée is first and foremost a convention. And also the association that organizes it. But it is above all a convention. Of games. It's even THE simulation games convention of the Lake Geneva region. By simulation, we mean role-playing games, board games, miniature games, life-size role-playing games, etc... In short, everything that is similar to simulation games... except for video games (we have to keep some expansion tracks). Orc'Idée is therefore the two days of the year when you can come and meet other players and test new games. And it's also the people behind it who organise everything so that you can enjoy it. And who also come to Polymanga to introduce you to role-playing. So, without any judgmental bias, Orc'Idée is just wonderfully awesome.