Cosplay District You nailed it!
ome and discover the Cosplay District: exhibition of photos, armours, accessories and other costumes, everything you can imagine to enter the cosplay universe. Members of the Swiss Cosplay Family will be delighted to show you their passion, answer your questions or initiate you to creation techniques that will certainly inspire you in your future projects.

-Roses in ribbons workshop
-Cosplayers at work
-Exhibition of Cosplay objects
-Prosthesis workshop (moustache, eyebrows,...)
-Flower embroidery initiation workshop
-Teru Teru Bozu (Japanese handmade doll) sewing workshop
-Chainmail accessory workshop
-Leather belt workshop
-Extruded foam horns workshop

The Swiss Cosplay Family is a group that brings together Swiss cosplayers and promotes
solidarity, mutual aid and passion for the art of cosplay.
Today, we can count more than 350 active cosplayers spread all over Switzerland!
throughout Switzerland!
The group was founded in 2012 by several experienced members who decided to join forces
forces to create a nice community of friends and artists related to cosplay.
The main goal of the Swiss Cosplay Family has always been to create a close-knit community where everyone
can help each other and share their passion for costume creation. The key to its success is
the strong bond of friendship that unites the members outside the competitive scene of the discipline, sharing
rather sharing advice, magic moments and a common passion.