Artiste Village
For more than ten years, this mangaka has been honing her artistic style. At the age of 20, drawing became too important for her to distance herself from, so she immersed herself in the world of fanzines and webcomics! Winner of the Ki-oon manga contest in 2015 and a judge for the 2019/2020 edition, she is currently working on her manga "Green Mechanic" published by Ki-oon.

Thanks to her efforts, her manga won the 2018 Japan Expo Awards "Daruma for the Best International Manga" and has accumulated a series of 7 volumes to date (the series is still ongoing). Yami SHIN still engages in fanzine creation during her spare time but primarily focuses on her manga project!

She also conducts manga workshops at the Apolline school and has recently ventured into streaming, particularly in the Vtubing community.