Pop Culture

"Everything is for the best in the best of worlds

The Epac is pleased to present for Polymanga 2022 some of our students' creations
around the universes of Utopias and Dystopias.

These fantastic and inspiring themes have been taken to heart by our students to reveal surprising images that take us to places that do not exist, or not yet.

Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World" is where the idea of counter-utopia or dystopia comes in, leading us to Science Fiction, Steampunk or Survivalist Realism.

Genres: Science Fiction/Steampunk/Survivalist Realism

The EPAC (professional school of contemporary arts) is the first school of Comics and Game Art/Dev in Switzerland. Located in Saxon since 2001, it aims to be an experimental platform for interdisciplinary exchanges anchored in technological developments and professional realities. This objective is reflected in its avant-garde training programme, which responds to the transformations of artistic media (interactivity, virtuality), without neglecting the mastery of so-called traditional techniques. Students are thus trained to be generalists, capable of grasping contemporary requirements in the field of art, while having a good perception of professional issues. The external mandates entrusted to the school testify to this constant dialogue between the students and the professional world, whether the work is on traditional media or requires a transmedia approach.
Since its creation, the EPAC has surrounded itself with numerous innovative and recognised personalities, through conferences and workshops throughout the school year, but also through the courses given on a daily basis. These speakers allow students to be accompanied in their process of creating artistic content, and at the same time to witness the issues and problems inherent to the world of narrative art. This dialogue between learners and teachers is not limited to the field of artistic practice, but frequently opens up to various universes, such as the sciences in relation to technologies or the more conceptual artistic fields.
Aware that the art world is deeply cosmopolitan, the school also offers its students mobility and transnational networks. Indeed, the EPAC has been collaborating for several years with European (Belgium, France and Poland) and Asian universities, with student exchange programmes between Taiwan and Switzerland and the setting up of inter-school and international competitions. EPAC is a public school accredited by EABHES (European Accreditation Board of Higher Education Schools) and delivers the European Bachelor and European Master degrees.