Manga Publishing House!

Created in September 2005, Kurokawa is the Univers Poche label dedicated to manga. Grégoire Hellot, director of the collection and renowned specialist of the Japanese universe, has chosen to offer a selected number of series to a wider audience.

Kurokawa has become a leading publisher on the manga market with many successes, foremost among which his founding work, Fullmetal Alchemist by the genius mangaka Hiromu Arakawa, sold several million copies in France.

10 years after his first steps as a publisher, it is always alongside the talented mangaka that Kurokawa celebrates his birthday, with The Heroic Legend of Arslân. Other star titles are added to the list of bestsellers such as Soul Eater, Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas, Blood Lad or Red Eyes SwordAkame Ga Kill which focuses on cruelty, drama and violence.

The adapted series of Pokémon video games and the footballers of Inazuma Eleven quickly conquered the youngest readers.

Kurokawa also offers adaptations of great classics of French literature such as Les Miserables and Arsene Lupine or a modern reinterpretation of the mythical Japanese hero appeared in the 60s: ULTRAMAN.

Kurokawa does not hesitate to leave the beaten track with titles like The holidays of Jesus and Buddha, the divine colocation became a phenomenon of publishing or Anus Beauty, which tackles a subject "which one does not dare to speak or that the laughing, handsomely when we're all right when we're concerned ", regrets the preface to the doctor and journalist Marina Carrère d'Encausse.

2016: a year of punch for Kurokawa, which hosts the ONE-PUNCH MAN phenomenon.