Stylouz is a Swiss cosplayer, Props maker and Cosplay judge based in Geneva, Switzerland who began his cosplay career in 2009.

He’s specliazed in costume design, armor making and special fx makeup. He was two times the Swiss winner and representative at the European Cosplay Championship E.C.G Paris
(European Cosplay Gathering) in 2015 and 2012, where he won for Switzerland the second place with his costume of Rinzler from the movie Tron Legacy.

Stylouz did a collaboration with Activision Blizzard in 2017 for the release of the character Hanzo Shimada (Overwatch) and his release in Heroes of the storm.
In 2020, Stylouz was casted for the main role as the character V for the short movie, Cyberpunk 2077 Phoenix Program (IMbd), directed and produced by Vi-Dan Tran (Marvel Shang-Shi, Dune 2021, Cloud Atlas, etc.)
This experience will allow him to be spotted in 2021 by the famous German director Specter Berlin (Ramstein), who will highlight him in a series of futuristic music videos for the German rap star Olexesh in Berlin.

Stylouz is the founder and manager of the Swiss Cosplay Family, community that he created in August 2012. Swiss Cosplay Family is a group who’s gathering all Swiss active Cosplayers and who’s promoting the solidarity,
friendship and the passion of Cosplay.