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Aline dessine
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The funny and talented @aline_dessin on April 9-10 at @polymanga Montreux. Passionate and passionate, she has over 2 million fans on tiktok.

Hi, I'm Aline! I'm an illustrator and videographer. I started on the networks by posting my drawings then later I started to share a lot of other stuff. I started on youtube where I share my passion for bodybuilding. My youtube channel quickly became a catch-all for everything I'm interested in: workout tips, plant tutorials, videos where I play sims (I play very badly, but it's fun), videos about different complexes and how to overcome them, and more recently, I started a survey format.

On instagram I share my daily life and especially a lot of stories and pictures of my wonderful cat, Lord Pipoune, the most beautiful cat in Belgium (Yes, all these titles are official).
And then there is tiktok where I do a lot of humor and self-mockery