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A fan of fantastic universes, Nad began cosplaying in 2006 with Lulu's costume from a world-famous license: "Final Fantasy", since then she has made more than a hundred costumes for manga, cartoons, video games, films and series.

Her experience has allowed to win many national competitions. She also won her place in selections to represent France in international competitions such as ECG, EuroCosplay, Yamato Cup or MAGIC Monaco.

She also won the TV show “Cousu Main” broadcast on the French national channel M6, presented by Cristina Cordula and judged by professional designers. Following this she publishes a book on sewing with many patterns and their explanations.

With a growing community on social networks, Nad federates with his attention to detail, his advice and explanatory mini-tutorials on how to make his costumes which are very appreciated by beginners and experienced cosplayers.