Sir Fox PSCL 2023
Hello everyone – my name is SIR FOX, or simply FOX as people refer to me.

I joined Cosplay in 2016 and on the following year, I’ve began to use my official cosplay name – SIR FOX COSPLAY.

So far I have created two original Pokémon-based Gijinka design costumes.

It is with great honor and privilege to inform you that one of my costumes was put on display at the Historical Museum of Bern during the Samurai Exhibition.

My inspiration came from the Japanese feudal era on traditional arts, tools and crafts, swords-making, martial arts and metal engraving. I had been very meticulous in choosing the right material and concept to actualize the uniqueness and distinct craftsmanship on my costumes.

By devoting time and attention in the creation of my costume, I hope to present a complete work of extraordiary art at cosplay and with that, make a huge impact.