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Sheshounet is coming to Polymanga on the 15th and 16th of April 2022 at the 2m2c of Montreux!

As a YouTube Game rising star with more than 800.000 followers Sheshounet can be considered as the new version of Joueur du Grenier. He is coming to Polymanga to reveal a preview, to give a talk and to do signing sessions with you.

Sheshounet is the greatest video-game tester on earth, and if aliens would exist he would be the greatest of the universe. With his little rough humour and his love for video games you will have a great time with him.

11:55 12:55 Dédicaces 6
15:15 16:00 Miles Davis
16:20 17:20 Dédicaces 8

12:00 13:00 Dédicaces 7
14:00 15:00 Stravinski
16:10 17:10 Dédicaces 6