Beverley Mitchell 7th Heaven, SAW2
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The American actress Beverly Mitchell (7th Heaven, SAW II, The Secret Life of the American Teenager) is coming to Polymanga on the 15th and 16th of April 2022 at the 2m2c convention center of Montreux.

The kind and dynamic actress will be the first to inaugurate the unique free photo and signing system for actors at Polymanga. (250/day)

For 10 years and 242 episodes Beverly Mitchell has made her mark on international TV with her role of Lucy Camden, the sister everybody would have loved to have from the tv show « 7th Heaven ».
She also plays the role of Kaitlin O’Malley from season 3 in the tv show called « The Secret Life of the American Teenager ». For horror movie fans she also played the role of Laura in Saw II.

Beverly Mitchell

Major roles
7th Heaven (Lucy Camden)
The Secret Life of The American Teenager (Kaitlin O’Malley)
Saw II (Laura)
The Crow (Grace)
Hollywood Darlings

Other TV Shows
Quantum Leap, Melrose Place
Baywatch, Hey Arnold.

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