Arting Spirit 3.0
It is an artistic contest taking place DURING the festival. Visitors can witness the creation process of every artist and therefore discover their universe in live.
All artists having a stand at Polymanga must participate.

During Polymanga's first day (Friday 10 April), at the opening, the artists will know the topic. 2h later, the first artists will be randomly picked and will have to start the Arting-Spirit contest on the artistic platforms dedicated for the occasion, outside their artist stands.

Each artist will have 2h, one by one, to submit his creation on CLIP STUDIO PAINT, thanks to a stylus and a public video connection. Their creation process will be released on-live during the festival and then on the internet and social networks.

On Monday 13 April, a jury will judge each creation secretly. The one that will get the higher grade will win the contest. The winner will earn 1600CHF, the 2nd 1000CHF, the 3rd 500CHF, the 4th 250CHF and the 5th 100CHF. The Polymanga reward is 500CHF.

The winners will be announced publicly during the pubic ceremony in which every artist will briefly explain his artistic process.