Registration for POLYMANGA 2020 is open until the 22nd of January, 1 PM, Paris Time

Artists Registration for Polymanga 2020: Let's go.

Anyone who has always dreamed of participating in Polymanga can try their luck now via the contact form.

The booth is free if you are an artist. Since there is only a limited number of booths, only the best artists will be selected to participate in Polymanga. You must submit 3 new illustrations that you have not yet submitted to the organization in order to apply for a booth. Put your heart in these 3 creations, because those are the only ones we will judge. It happens that some talented artists neglect this phase and are refused because their 3 drawings were made in a hurry.

Pornographic drawings and copies are prohibited on the show. Fan art is accepted as long as it does not correspond to more than 50% of the creations posted on the stand. Fan art is forbidden in the 3 illustrations that you present for the selection of Polymanga.

In addition, all those selected to have a booth must participate in the contest "Ma Bulle" at Polymanga, which takes place online (on distance) before the festival. Whether you are selected as an artist or as a visitor for this edition of Polymanga, we advise you to take the "Ma Bulle" contest seriously.

In the selection we often take the creations of previous years to decide the acceptance of artists for the following years. In addition, this year, the public ranking and jury of "Ma Bulle" will define your location at the show.

Finally, the selected artists who can participate in the artistic contest "Arting Spirit 3.0" which takes place during the festival in partnership with Clip Studio Paint.

To apply, please send 3 zipped drawings and / or the web page to your 3 works via the contact form in the "Artists" selection (a zip or pdf file regrouping your 3 works). The attached file can not exceed 10 megabytes.

NB: The artist category is reserved for drawing/digital artist, we do not have booths reserved for writers who do not draw.

Registration deadline: 22nd of January 2020, 1 PM, Paris Time.