Ma Bulle digital art contest goes world thanks to Clip Studio Paint
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Thanks to Clip Studio Paint and Polymanga, "Ma Bulle" the art contest goes world !

In addition of all the cash prizes awarded for the contest, if you use Clip Studio Paint to make your digital art, you have a chance to fly at Easter to Switzerland, including flight, accommodation and artist booth at Polymanga 2020. Whatever the country you live in !

How to participate ?

MABULLE is an individual drawing contest that takes place BEFORE the festival. It's a drawing contest in which everyone can vote and participate.

The Participation to MaBulle contest is mandatory for all artists who have a booth on Polymanga. The contest is also open to any aspiring draftsman. You have to create your digital drawing all by yourself.

Each participant must make an illustration in A4, 300 DPI, on the theme “Pop Corn".

This must be made in color and preferably saved in .jpg format. Erotic art is forbidden. The only other imperative to participate is mentioning "Polymanga 2020" on the page.

The deadline for sending your art via "Contact us” (category Artist) on the Polymanga website: Thursday, February 6th, 2020 at 13:00 (Paris time).

13 prizes will be given in total

6 Facebook awards
Out of those, 6 prizes will be awarded through Facebook. We will let visitors to polymanga's facebook group vote for their favorite drawing from February 6th to March 2nd. Depending on the number of "likes", the winner will leave with 250CHF, the 2nd 150CHF, the 3rd 100CHF, the 4th 100CHF, the 5th 100CHF and the 6th 60CHF.

6 Jury awards
In addition to this, each contribution will be rated by a jury. There are 6 Prizes to be awarded by the Jury. The winners chosen by the jury will win the sums equivalent to the facebook prize. The winner will leave with 250CHF, the 2nd 150CHF, the 3rd 100CHF, the 4th 100CHF, the 5th 100CHF and the 6th 60CHF.

Prizes are doubled in the event of placement in the Jury Prize and the Facebook Award.

1 Clip Studio Paint Big Prize
including the flight to Switzerland (Economy), 4 stars accommodation, Polymanga artist booth. To be eligible for this prize, your digital art must be done, partially or totally with Clip Studio Paint. Please mention you also take part to the Clip Studio Paint contest of Ma Bulle when sending your digital art by the contact form (ART) on the website. The use of Clip Studio Paint for Ma Bulle art contest is only mandatory if you want to take part to the Clip Studio Paint part of the contest. The winner of the "Big Prize Clip Studio Paint” will be chosen by Celsys, the Japanese developers of Clip Studio Paint among all the participants. Rules for Artist booths at Polymanga 2020 apply for the winner of the "Grand Prize Clip Studio Paint” contest (Arting Spirit on site participation, no erotic content, etc. Please read the rules of Artists Booth before applying)

NB: Polymanga can decline the submission of a picture (copy, erotic content, size, etc...). In that case, the artist can send on new one. Do not forget that a good drawing can help you get into the artist selection of Polymanga.

The rules of the contest can be changed at any time by the organiser.