Polymanga 2020

Pop culture is good 7-10 August 2020 16th edition

2M2C Montreux

20 Mar 2020
11 Feb 2020

Les billets 1 jour et les pass 4 jours pour POLYMANGA (10-13 avril au 2m2c de Montreux) seront en vente ce mercredi 12 février à midi sur polymanga.com et dans toutes les FNAC du monde entier :D
13 Mar 2020
Polymanga is postponed to 7-8-9-10 August 2020

Link to PDF version polymanga.com/teleport_EN.pdf

Polymanga 2020 teleports itself to August 7-10 in Montreux 2m2c !

Facing the spread of covid-19, it was more and more difficult to maintain the date of the event in April. During difficult times, only a strong will prevents people from succumbing to panic.

Therefore, we tried to maintain the date in April as long as the Swiss Confederation allowed us, to be respectful to the visitors, the guests, the exhibitors, the region and the city. The confederation just issued new rules to protect the population and we truly respect its decision.

We’re not giving up though. For a year, we’ve been working very hard to develop the Polymanga concept by creating a new kind of festival: A Pop culture festival full of emotions, chilling and kindness to provide you with the best Easter weekend.

The event won’t take place during Easter for the reasons mentioned above. We were supposed to publish 20 more guests, 10 new activities, a new map and new shows. Hopefully, the event is postponed to August 7th to 10th in Montreux 2m2c during summer break.

All the 4 days passes already sold will be valid for the 4 days of the Convention in August.

All the daily tickets that have been sold until today will be exchanged with a ticket for a day of your choice in August (a form will follow shortly).

We humbly rely on you to follow us in this summer adventure and finally reveal you the most beautiful Polymanga event.

Nevertheless, if you want to be refunded for your ticket, you can do so until the 10th of April by writing an e-mail to zebillet@polymanga.com.

The tickets that have been sold by the FNAC will be refunded in all FNAC stores until the 10th of April.

Let’s meet in 5 months, from August 7th to 10th in Montreux 2m2c. Wash your hands, use your elbows and feet to greet people, and above everything take care of yourself and the people around you.
Polymanga has been the largest Swiss event on pop culture, video games, and manga in the last 16 years! (40,500 visitors in 2019).

Every year at Easter, families gather to see the best of the entertainment on 18,000 m2. For this year, we expect more than 50 guests, several concerts, film screenings, YouTubers, web series, more than 10 gaming tournaments, a publisher showroom, 4 cosplay shows, karaoke... and many other activities, without forgetting a big shopping arcade!


ATTENTION Polymanga 2020 is held from 7 to 10 August 2020. We invite you for a fantastic moment of entertainment, with your friends or your family!

Sum up of opening hours

Friday 7.8 : 10 a.m - 7:30 p.m (9 a.m presales)
Saturday 8.8 : 10 a.m - 7:30 p.m (9 a.m presales)
Sunday 9.8 : 10 a.m - 7:30 p.m (9 a.m presales)
Monday 10.8 : 10 a.m - 6:30 p.m (9 a.m presales)

Presales could be exchanged with the definitive bracelet a week before the festival starts in many FNAC stores in Switzerland. Therefore, the waiting time will be shorter at the entrance compared to the previous years.


Polymanga 2020 will be held at the 2M2C of Montreux (Avenue Claude Nobs 5, 1820 Montreux, Switzerland) over 18,000 m2.

Special offers of Montreux-Vevey Tourism will be available
on this link :

Do you like comfort?
Eurotel is a 4 stars hotel that can welcome you, 5 minutes away from the festival, in front of the lake! http://www.eurotel-montreux.ch

Polymanga is accessible by foot, 5 minutes walking from the train station of Montreux.

Polymanga in Montreux is a wonderful infrastructure surrounded by a stunning landscape.

About only an hour from Geneva Airport and 20 minutes away from Lausanne, Montreux Riviera is the ideal destination to escape during a weekend. Either you feel more "trendy" or "rustic" style, you will be seduced by all the possibilities that this magic place has to offer to you. Feeling like the good old days between the lake and the mountains, as well as many international stars such as Freddie Mercury or Charlie Chaplin.

The fantastic Eurotel Hotel welcomes you to Montreux with a breathtaking view. This incredible 4 stars housing is located 5 minutes away from 2m2c of Montreux, place of Polymanga.

It is the more convenient way to enjoy Polymanga!


Lausanne-Montreux (15 min): One train every 10 mintues.
Geneva-Montreux (1h): 2x/hour, a train arrives directy to Montreux.
Neuchâtel-Montreux (1h): One train/hour, change at Lausanne (Lane 3-4).
Fribourg-Montreux (1h): 2 trains/hour, change at Lausanne.
Sion-Montreux (30 min.): one train arrives direclty to Montreux, 4x per hour.
Berne-Montreux (1h30): 2 trains/hour with change at Lausanne.
Zurich-Montreux (2h30): 2 trains/hour with a change at Lausanne.
Paris-Montreux (trip: 4h30) Lyria TGV Line, from the train station.

From Zurich (2h): Direct flight to Geneva Airport (1h), then travel by train or by car (1h)

From Paris (2h): Direct flight to Geneva Airport (1h), then travel by train or by car (1h)


Polymanga's entrance costs 28 Swiss francs per day or 50 Swiss francs with the 4 days Gold pass.

The entrance is free for children under 9 years old.

The Polymanga pre-sale tickets are available on the polymanga.com website (print @ home) or in FNAC stores.

The pre-sale ends on Thursday the 6th of August at 11 p.m. After the 6th , tickets will only be available at the entrance of the festival, if some remain.

PAY ATTENTION : the very high attendance of last year has forced us to limit the number of tickets per day in order to avoid congestion.

IN CASE OF SATURATION AT SOME POINT OF THE DAY, only the persons with pre-sale tickets are possible enter the event. Visitors without pre-sale tickets will have to wait for other visitors to leave the event.

Be noticed that the first 500 visitors entering the festival will receive a Polymanga document holder (to pick up at the entrance of the building). Having a pre-sale ticket is mandatory.

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or regarding any information (program, media)

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