Vraskaa Cosplay GEC - USA
Chaque année le Polymanga Global Easter Cosplay réunit les meilleurs cosplayeurs du monde entier pour s'affronter sur la scène du Stravinski le Lundi de Pâques 22 Avril.


Vraskaa Cosplay is a cosplayer from Austin TX that specializes in large armor builds and props. She has been featured in many maganzines and articles, recognized by creators of the games she cosplays from, and has been a guest at conventions multiple times. She teaches panels over getting into foamsmithing and other armor techniques for the more advanced builders, judges cosplay contests, and gets to make costumes by commission or for the haunted house that she works at. While she may have only started making costumes about 3 years ago she keeps striving to learn new techniques and skills to keep improving on her work.