Artiste Village
Hello everyone, I'm Natacha, aka Natachouille (Natacha+fripouille), and I'm originally from Alsace. I migrated to Paris to specialize in comics and illustration at the Jean Trubert school. For over 10 years, I've turned my passion into my profession: I love telling stories, but above all, drawing them. I self-published my first comic in 2016, MyIchiGO!, a black and white/silent work, and in 2020, a tale about moon rabbits titled L'espoir d'un rêve. With passionate friends from TotoMoko, the artists' association from my former school Jean Trubert, we released a beautiful book on ecology: Graines de Contes. I'm currently working on several webcomics in webtoon format featuring demons in our daily lives: SpookyGirls and also drama in the aquatic world, Mana Arii.