Éditions Le Héron d'Argent
The Éditions le Héron d’Argent advocate for demanding literature by writers and artists close to their audience and passionate about their art. Our editorial line? Beauty, elaborate finishes, originality. Gilding, large formats, great illustrator artists, and beautiful writing are part of it. It's simple: we only produce the exceptional. Today even more than yesterday, literature and dreams for all are a vital need.

Signing throughout the festival: J.K-Gras on Asian Queens and The Spell of the Black Moon, as well as Vanessa Callico on numerous works. On our booth, we will present our magnificent large albums on tales and legends from around the world, our collector's novels with deckled edges and hardcover, our large-format novels with selective varnish and immersive layout, and our numerous book-related goodies (bookmarks, book pouches...).