Swiss Gamers Network

Swiss Gamers Network has been organizing video game tournaments at Polymanga since 2006. For this 2024 edition at the Palais de Beaulieu in Lausanne, we have numerous tournaments with prizes for the winners, entertainment, and a gaming area for tranquil gaming among friends or family.

This year, we have guests at our booth who will offer entertainment and advice.

Prizes to be won: many prizes for all tournament participants.

Registrations are to be done on-site on the same day. Tournament and entertainment schedules and a detailed list are available in the attached PDF to this blog.

List of tournaments and entertainment:

- Mario Kart (PEGI 3): between banana peels and shells.

- Super Smash Bros (PEGI 12): an arena of battles and 4 contenders for the title.

- FC 24 (PEGI 3): 1v1 and 1 ball.

- Tekken 8 (PEGI 16): versus fighting as we like it.

- Just Dance 23 (PEGI 3): heat up the dance floor and come impress us.

- Street Fighter 6 (PEGI 12): it's a knockdown in 1v1.

- Minecraft Course (PEGI 7): test your skills on PC!

- Manga and Video Game Quiz: to test your knowledge.

Find @lausanne_esports at the @swiss_gamers booth for 4 days at @polymanga at the Palais de Beaulieu in Lausanne.

You will have the opportunity to face players from the @leagueoflegends team in 1v1! You can also challenge @evetox_ Swiss content creator on Tik Tok, in a series of 1v1 duels on @valorant. Ready to take on the challenge?

Come challenge your friends, Polymanga visitors, the whole world!

Registrations on-site on the same day. A grand SSB tournament with 128 players is planned for Monday.