Yoann Vornière KANA
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Born in 1992, Yoann Vornière decided at the age of 6 that when he grew up, he would make comic books. In middle school, he did an internship at l'Aquarium, a workshop for cartoonists in Toulouse, where he discovered that making comics wasn't exactly what he had in mind. In fact, it was even better! There he met Tony Valente, to whom he asked many questions. In 2015, he published a comic book financed by crowdfunding: "Sois heureux ou meurs en essayant" (Be Happy or Die Trying), an intimate 200-page black-and-white comic with the idea of ​​a remake five years later. After living in different cities in France, then in Tahiti and French Guiana, he returned to mainland France where he met Jim Bishop. Their meeting resulted in "Jill & Sherlock" in 2017.

In 2018, he began working on a remake of "Sois heureux ou meurs en essayant," a three-volume manga.

Since 2020, he has been working on a new manga, an adventure this time: "Silence."