Masahiro Suwa The Rising of the Shield Hero
Zoom in on Rising of the Shield Hero, the animated blockbuster of Crunchyroll!

Polymanga welcomes Masahiro Suwa, the Character Designer and Animation Director of Rising of the Shield Hero at 2m2c in Montreux for a talk on stage, live drawing and signing sessions!

[b] Masahiro Suwa [/ b]
We owe him the character design and the supervision of the animation of The Rising of the Shield Hero. Masahiro Suwa is a facilitator. In addition to a career in Japanese animation he worked as animation director on the two seasons of Hitsugi no Chaika (2014) and on the table tennis series Shakunetsu no Takkyû Musume (2016). He was also a main host on the OVA Under the Dog (2015).

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